More Dirty Deforestation: 55% of Indonesia's Logging Illegal + Cargill's Two Hidden Palm Oil Plantations

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There's a reason Indonesia is the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter and this is far and away the biggest part: Yale e360 highlights a new report produced by some of the biggest names in environmental activism that shows how 40-55% of Indonesia's logging is done illegally, and often from protected forest areas. At the same time, a Rainforest Action Network report alleges that a subsidiary of agri-giant Cargill is operating two undisclosed palm oil plantations which are actively clearing forest and peatland. Mongabay quotes a spokesperson for Cargill denying the RAN accusation: "We do not have a set of plantation that are hidden from the public where we are doing things we would not do in public at the plantations we clearly own and operate."

But, field investigations by RAN and a local Indonesian NGO show that CTP Holdings has been operating two hidden palm oil plantations, occupying some 15,000 hectares, of which over 10,000 have been cleared since 2005.

The report also states that this palm oil plantation is actively destroying carbon-important peatlands. In addition, locals in the area say that the palm oil plantation has cleared tribal lands without their permission. Since these palm oil plantations don't exist on paper, they are actively spurning both Indonesian law and RSPO requirements.

The other report, Illegal Logging in Indonesia: The Environmental, Economic and Social Costs, was produced by the BlueGreen Alliance, Sierra Club, United Steelworkers, Rainforest Action Network, and NRDC.

Beyond the startling rate of illegal logging's environmental impact, the report shows that logging...

...has depressed timber prices worldwide, costing the logging, wood, paper and cabinetry industries more than $1 billion in the U.S. alone, the report said. Illegal logging also is undercutting the production of sustainably produced timber. "Under current conditions, there is no level playing field," the report says.

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