More and More People, Cities and States Support Overturning Citizens United

Overturning the Citizens United ruling, while short of fully revoking corporate personhood in the US, will be a powerful check on the influence of corporations on politics, eliminating a powerful source of corruption of the democratic process.

Thankfully the movement across the nation to do just that has been gaining steady momentum. Some new analysis of where that movement stands by Public Citizen and appearing at sums up it the progress made so far. It's definitely encouraging.

As of May 10, there have been more than 200 local government resolutions for a constitutional amendment ensuring that corporations are not considered people under the law. These are passing at the rate of approximately one a day.

100 members of Congress currently back a constitutional amendment.

85 national organizations back an amendment.

At the state level, Hawaii, New Mexico and Vermont have passed an anti-Citizens United resolution, with a majority of the Maryland general assembly signing a letter directed at Congress urging them to act on the issue. The California state assembly has passed a resolution, a vote on which is awaited in the state senate. A similar situation exists in Rhode Island. Resolutions have been introduced in 25 additional states.

If you're not up to speed on all this Citizens United or corporate personhood stuff check out the links at left.

More and More People, Cities and States Support Overturning Citizens United
Which is a very good thing, considering the corrupting influence corporate spending in elections has had on US democracy.

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