Morano Goes To CPAC To Embarrass Himself Over Climate Change


photo via ENBOTS

Climate change denier Marc Morano used to work for climate change denier Sen. James Inhofe but now he runs his own website dedicated to putting out misleading or false information on global warming. This past week, Morano traveled to the Conservative Political Action Conference, known as CPAC, to deliver his usual conspiracy theories and denials of reality. Media Matters captured on video some of his greatest hits. Here's Morano telling CPA that global warming is "a political movement. It is not a scientific movement."

Here Morano tells the audience that climate change is "subprime science, subprime economics, subprime politics."

At least Morano is consistent--consistently wrong, that is. Rolling Stone gave him the "honor" of being Number 6 on their list of top "Climate Killers." His old boss Inhofe came in at Number 7.

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