Montreal 2005: Kyoto Protocol Now has Some Teeth

Yesterday was a historic day. Despite Saudi Arabia's attempts to block the agreement, most of the rules first outlined in the Marrakech Accords of 2001 were approved in Montréal. What this means is that the Kyoto Protocol now has a "rule book" that spells out how emissions will be reported and verified, that gives industrial nations credit if they help developing countries produce clean energy and explains the parameters for emission trading. Another interesting development: China is urging the US to join Kyoto. "We really feel pity that the U.S. has not yet, and is not going to join the Kyoto Protocol, not only because of the size of its total emissions, but also because of its higher per capita emissions," said director of the Department of Treaty and Law at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ::Kyoto gets a rule book, ::China Urges U.S. to Join Kyoto Treaty, ::UN talks adopt Kyoto rules on global warming, ::Montreal: UN Climate Change Conference Opens Today