Monsanto Outspends All Other Ag Companies on Lobbying, Except Big Tobacco

You probably already know about how much lobbying Big Ag does in DC to ensure that Congress never really gets around to changing our industrial agriculture system (cynical, but essentially accurate), but over at Mother Jones, Tom Philpott points out a particularly egregious and shocking fact. Get this:

In 2011 Monsanto spent $6.3 million lobbying Congress. In the first three months of 2012 alone they spent $1.4 million on lobbying. That's more than any other agribusiness company except for the tobacco company Altria, according to

Though it's difficult to exactly trace the influence of lobbying money, by its very nature, both Philpott and OpenSecrets squarely place the blame for recent failures of efforts to label GMO ingredients in Congress, as well as the FDA thoroughly dragging its feet on GMO labeling, questioning the validity of petitions demanding labeling, on the massive influence of Monsanto.

As for the influence on the next farm bill, Monsanto has done more lobbying on it than any other organization.

Is it any wonder why the US and Canada are the only two wealthy nations that don't mandate labeling?

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