Monsanto Dumping Bovine Growth Hormone

no to monsanto crop circle photo

Anti-Monsanto crop circle in the Philippines

Poor old Monsanto corporation just can't make any money on Posilac, or bovine growth hormone any more- nobody wants it in the milk. Starbucks, Kroger, Dean foods and Wal-Mart are now demanding milk from rBGH-free cows.

Monsanto has been fighting back, trying to make labelling of milk as "rGBH free" illegal. "This is really a great product," a Monsanto spokeswoman, Danielle Jany, said. "The business has been strong. Sales have been strong."

Right. That is why they have put the business up for sale, so they can "focus on the company's key profit drivers of agricultural seeds and development of specific genetic traits for crops." ::New York Times

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