Monbiot on Theft of our Past, Kunstler on our Future


Jim Kunstler notes that people want change, but only so much at a time....

The American public is deathly afraid of the kind of changes we actually face -- such as, the end of consumer culture, the gross loss of value in suburban real estate (which forms the bulk of the middle class's private wealth), the prospect of food and fuel scarcities, the need to re-localize our lives, the need to physically shape up to stop the costly and unnecessary drain on our medical resources, to grow more of our own food, to work harder at things that actually matter, and to save whatever we can for a difficult future.
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George Monbiot thinks it sweet that the National Trust is providing land to common people for allotment gardens. Too bad that they are on land stolen from the people.

Allotments have been used as a sop to the dispossessed for at least four centuries. Just because we love and value allotments should not stop us from seeing that they also represent paternalistic tokenism.

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