Moms' Responses to Expensive Food and Fuel: A Mixed Bag for the Environment

We've already learned from the BBC how families around the world are changing their eating habits to deal with rising prices, but what does all this mean for the growing movement towards more sustainable lifestyles? We've already caused some healthy debate on why economic challenges might be good or bad for the environment, but now CNN has an interesting feature on how mom's across America are dealing with more expensive food and gas. It certainly seems like there are both pluses and minuses from a sustainability angle.

On the one hand, mothers like Christina Pond are planting herb and vegetable gardens, making their own baby foods, breast feeding instead of buying formula, making better use of leftovers, and cutting back on meat and eating out. On the other hand, the rising popularity of organic food in the stores may fall victim to tightening family budgets:
"Moms who aren't as inclined to tap their inner Martha Stewart are cutting costs by trading down to generic products from pricier name brand and organic foods and beverages. While supermarkets are rushing to introduce more organic products, some moms are forgoing those "green" purchases because they typically also cost more."

It seems like the end of cheap food will bring some interesting challenges and opportunities to the green movement. On the one hand, there will be increased opportunities to promote efficiency, resourcefulness, and the idea of making more out of less. On the other, we'll see increasing pressures on companies to cut corners to keep prices low. Time to keep our ears and eyes open

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