Molson Canadian Makes Plantable Beer Coasters: Drink Up

molson canadianMolson Canadian/Promo image

Oh Canada! Molson Canadian, the beer of choice for all true Canadians, is selling coasters that are plantable. Add water, not beer, and they will grow into Black Spruce trees. Cheers.

First noted at psfk, then seen at the beer store, the coaster (one per case) comes in specially marked boxes. With the tag line "This land is awesome", it's a nice patriotic message, even if the once proudly Canadian company is owned by Coors now.

molson canadianMolson Canadian/Promo image

Last year the company launched the Red Leaf Project. It is dedicated to tree planting in public parks; sponsoring 10 park projects in 2011, and 100 planned for 2012. So far over 100,000 trees have been planted with the help of almost 1,000 volunteers. As an extra little perk, volunteers get a beer, and tickets to music festivals, put on by Molson of course.

molson canadianwikipedia/Public Domain

Molson has teamed up with the national environmental charity Evergreen who will organise the plantings.

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