Miyi Tower Project in China To Clean Contaminated River

miyi tower aerial
Image: Studio Shift

Rising out of the Anning River's edge like a glittering tree stump, the winning entry for a proposed landmark building in Miyi County in Sichuan Province, China will be doing double-duty. This new tower in Miyi will not only be the cultural centerpiece of a new master plan, but will also filter and cleanse the polluted river.

The tower is a creative effort by Los Angeles-based design Studio SHIFT, who was selected along with Los Angeles' SWA Group to oversee the master plan for this developing area, dubbed New South Town. On the ground level, the project offers some interesting ideas about connecting pedestrian circulation, as you can see in the following images:

miyi tower image

miyi-tower entry
Images: Studio Shift

The Miyi Tower will act as a bridge between the northern section of the New South Town master plan, slated for a new high-density residential and cultural core — to the southern section, which will transform the contaminated river into a rehabilitated wetland ecosystem.

Though the designers don't give much details into how the river water will be actually purified, they are "intent on utilizing natural and mechanical means of filtration to produce clean water, converting a highly polluted river into a usable amenity for residents and visitors. This new amenity takes the form of a series of lakes, wetlands and waterways which lend form to the new districts in the master plan."

Because the area is a popular tourist destination, the tower will serve as a multipurpose collection of educational, entertainment and community spaces, all enveloped in a ephemeral and permeable latticework skin, offering unique views to the landscape beyond. Thanks to the mild climate of this region, only half of the program spaces will be enclosed.

miyi-tower inside
Image: Studio Shift

Conceptualizing the skin's role as a unifying element wrapping "a pattern of objects in space [and] mounted to a light frame," its ephemeral quality will "[allow] the skin to take on a rather ethereal effect and evokes the shimmering surface of the river below." As an almost organic form, it will be very interesting to see how the rest of the project will help revive a dying river.

Dezeen via Inhabitat

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