MIT Sloan Management Review's Michael Hopkins at Opportunity Green on the Future for Workplace Managers (Video)

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Michael S. Hopkins is Editor-in-Chief of the MIT Sloan Management Review, "the leading print and web publication that brings ideas from the world of thinkers (scholars, researchers, management theoreticians) to the executives and managers who use those ideas to build businesses." As a journalist and editor covering management trends for almost two decades, he really knows his stuff. And having toured the U.S. from 2004-2005 to give a seminar series on "The Care and Feeding of the 21st Century CEO" -- an exploration of sustainable leadership behaviors and the organizational innovation practices they support -- he really knows his stuff when it comes to sustainability in the workplace. He brought his show to Opportunity Green earlier this month, where I talked to him about management implications of sustainability, that is, the ways executives, managers, and organizations will function due to sustainability initiatives being implemented by corporations nationwide. Click through to view.

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