Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Are The Greenest (States) Of All


Sorry for being impatient and talk-showy, but we just have to cut to the obvious. What Forbes Magazine has classified as highly "green" states are what US political polsters once commonly referred to as "Blue States," while the 'un-green' are your basic "Reds." Are we talking media bias, or is there something going on around here?

Here are a few excerpts from the Forbes article. You be the deciders.

A clutch of Eastern states round out the top 10. New Jersey makes the cut not because it excels in one particular area--though it has implemented strong policies to promote energy efficiency--but because it gets relatively high marks in just about every category. In only five states did people travel fewer miles in their vehicles than they did in New Jersey in 2005, the most recent year for which government data is available. That same year, 42 states exceeded their Clean Water Act permit limits by levels greater than New Jersey did, according to the watchdog group U.S. PIRG. And 33 states managed more toxic waste per capita than New Jersey. In other words, don't let the poor air quality in Newark fool you...

So who's at the bottom? Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Indiana and, at No. 50, West Virginia. All suffer from a mix of toxic waste, lots of pollution and consumption and no clear plans to do anything about it. Expect them to remain that way.

Perhaps a Freudian interpretation: some states just have a green wish.

Via::Forbes, "America's Greenest States" Image credit:Forbes