Minnesota's "Corn Plus" Ethanol Installing Wind Turbines To Achieve Energy Independence

From the windy US State of Minnesota, the Mankato Free Press is reporting that:- "The Corn Plus ethanol plant in Winnebago [Minnesota USA] is to add wind turbines to its facility during the next three to four months, moving closer to its ultimate goal of using no outside energy in the processing plant", providing about 45 percent of the plant's electricity (4.2 mW). The hope apparently is that other Minnesota ethanol plants and there are several we can be sure will follow suit. Here's the real money quote: "Partnering with John Deere opened many doors for us," Moore [Plant Manager] said. "They were able to provide turbines and financing for turbines and construction crews ..." When John Deere runs after an opportunity like this one, it means the market potential is big. That is, after all, how their farm implement business got so big in the first place. First tractors, then lawn mowers, and now maybe wind power equipment and financing to service renewable energy providers?

As for emissions, From the Corn Plus' existing air permit, issued in 2002, we excerpted this operating unit limit description: "Corn Plus is considered a non-major source by virtue of federally enforceable limits in its air emission permit Production: [is] less than or equal to 46,315,789 gallons/year using 12-month Rolling Sum of denatured ethanol". From the permit and various other sources it is apparent that Corn Plus is designed to capture C02 as a co-product, and distribute it under the "Dixie Carbonics" brand.

Operating limitations from the permit are:

Total Particulate Matter: less than or equal to 18.0 lbs/hour for SV010 and SV012 combined
Opacity: less than or equal to 20 percent opacity , except for one six-minute period per hour of not more than 60 percent opacity (limit applies to each stack separately)
Volatile Organic Compounds: less than or equal to 10.09 lbs/hour for SV010 and SV012 combined.

Whem mulitple drivers "converge" like this story indicates is happening, it's hard to decide how to profile the meaning. We thought hard about what the title and graphics for this post ought to be. Losing out was "Corn With The Wind," under a photo of a famous actor saying "frankly my Dear, I go give a damn."