Minnesota Got Its Green Mojo Back


It's been an uphill slog, but it looks like Minnesota is going to catch up with Wisconsin and Illinois.

"Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty recently announced initiatives to encourage solar, wind and other renewable energy projects at the local level and to reduce global warming emissions...He proposed four changes, including one to authorize local governments to issue $10 million to $20 million in revenue bonds to provide low-interest loans to individuals for "microenergy" projects. Those might include installing solar panels to produce hot water, geothermal equipment to heat and cool homes or businesses, or small wind machines to power homes, farms and schools."

Here's the money quote:- "Randy Hagen, co-owner of SolarSkies, a firm in Starbuck, Minn., that manufactures and installs solar products, said it costs about $8,000 for a solar hot-water system in a typical home. Much of his company's business has been in Wisconsin and Illinois, he said, because those states have programs that make financing easier for homeowners."

Via::Star Tribune, "Pawlenty announces clean energy plan - The new initiatives aim to fight global warming, create jobs and encourage alternative energy projects." Image credit::Bikethrow.com, Minnesota Cycling News & Gossip VIA->SkinnySki

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