Milwaukee Closes The Loop On Poop

We recently learned from Lloyd about a proposal to wrap a natural gas-fired, generator proposal in "green" by adding solar photovoltaic capacity to the project. The Milwaukee Wisconsin USA, Metro Sewer District has a project in mind that seems more straightforward in intent and practical in outcome. Via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:- "Solar energy would provide nearly all of the electrical power needed to transform sewage sludge into Milorganite fertilizer at the Jones Island wastewater treatment plant, under a proposal by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.Four rows of photovoltaic panels would be installed atop the roof of the Milorganite plant this year at a cost of $198,000 if the proposal is approved this month by the sewerage commission The Milorganite plant would become nearly 100% self-sufficient for electrical needs, depending on cloud cover, if the solar panels are installed "For those of you not familiar with Milorganite , it is fertilizer/soil amendment product suitable for both professional and consumer use. It is made from digested sewerage treatment plant sludge and sold in pelletized form. Home Depot even carries it.

To help ur readers confront the "Eeeewww" factor head on, we excerpted a portion of the Milorganite-published MSDS for you to review below.


Note, the Prop 65 warning is categorical: e.g. you should not assume that Prop 65 listed substance(s) are necessarily present in Milorganite at or above the threshold level for Prop 65 listing of individual substances.

We urge you to consider, also, which course of action is better: slowly reduce cultural uses of Prop 65 listed substances, so they are less likely to be present in the products we use and in our waste, or, to landfill or incinerate (with commensurate C02 emissions) the digested sludge. That would be the choice.

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