Mills College Earth CORPS Creates Campus Freecycle Store

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You know how every end-of-semester when students just toss everything big and small that they purchased over the year but can't take with them, as they backpack across Europe? Know a few seniors who just ditch their toys (stereos, skis, futons, you know what I'm talking about) as they leave for the real world with real jobs and real, adult apartments? Well Mills College, among the other green things they are accomplishing, found a way to close that loop.Mills College Earth CORPS students opened and currently staff the Reuse Store on campus which accepts just about anything that you need to get rid of. Open Monday to Thursday from 4-5pm, the Sustainability and Reuse Depot allows students to donate "gently used" items as well as get new decor, accessories and wacky gadgets for free. Students can drop items off at the store, or in the white "dump" boxes on campus.

Even the store itself is "recycled" as items that were formerly in a landfill like wood for shelves and concrete for floor surfaces. Used bookshelves were donated to house canned food items and books. While the store is open to starving students, it's also open to community members that are interested in reusing and recycling items.

Items that you can find in the store include: medicines, halloween accessories, phone chargers, and even designer clothing items. Some items are donated to offices on campus that can use them, like the Parenting Lounge, as well as to other charities around the Bay Area. The most donated item: school supplies.

Modeled after a similar store at Berkeley, the Sustainabilty and Reuse Depot is now located in C-Wing in Reinhardt Hall, open Monday-Thursday from 4-5pm. :The Mills Campanil
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