Middlebury College Produces Its First Green Newspaper

Middlebury Campus Photo

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You've heard of both national newspapers and glossy magazines hosting a green issue. Well, now Middlebury College is getting in on the act with a special issue of The Middlebury Campus. All content, cartoons, articles and ads are on environmentally-related topics.

For the issue, writers reached out to environmental thinkers to pen Op-Ed pieces, and got staff writers to discuss issues like organic food, environmental art and sustainable design. In addition, actual development and editing of the paper was all done using computers instead of paper. Distribution of the paper around campus was all done via foot-power and offsets were purchased from Native Energy to cover the trip from the printer to campus. But, the budding journalists did not stop there. They used the production of this green issue to learn more about their craft, its impact on the environment and the importance of news media going green.Columnists learned about the toxic chemicals common in photography, as well as, whether or not the paper their articles are printed on is worth its weight. Turns out, its mostly recycled and uses soy based inks. Other articles that might catch your eye: status of the biomass plant on campus, "Green's Quantitative Side" and an Opinion piece that begins with "My first thought about environmentalism 'I don't know much about it and I don't care. Then I realized that this apathy provides for compelling conversation." Green is also incorporated into discussions of athletic events and how "eco lit examines nature's meanings." An entire newspaper just chock full of creative eco articles.

This is not the first time Middlebury College has graced the pages of Treehugger. Sierra Club recently named them #1 in their list of Top 10 Coolest Schools and earned an A- (actually a top score) on the Sustainable Endowments Institute's "College Sustainability Report Card 2008." Frequent environmental writer and scholar Bill McKibben also calls Middlebury College home and Brighter Planet was created in a classroom at Middlebury.

For a greener way to read the paper, check out this week's issue online at Middlebury Campus.

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