MIcrosoft Cutting Social Responsibility PR Budget


Bill Gates spreads malaria-fighting message by releasing mosquitoes at TED Conference Via:TED, excerpted still from video.

Three cheers for Microsoft. They are cutting their corporate social responsibility (CSR) public relations ("PR") budget, which means one less source of potential green-wash to be on guard against. We need action, not press releases and adobe downloads. Anyway, Bill Gates can show the PR Dept. a more cost-effective way to get a "buzz" going (as pictured). PRWeek has the goods.

Software giant Microsoft is believed to be slashing the PR budget for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, in favour of driving awareness for key products such as Windows 7, Office and Xbox.

Senior sources told PRWeek the company was looking to ‘protect its business lines first’ – in response to this year’s economic upheaval.
Not to worry. Mr. Gates has the area covered. More on that buzz below.

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