Microsoft Creates EcoDrive to Educate Drivers, Reduce C02 Emissions


As part of a bid to get their software into vehicles around the world, Microsoft is taking the initiative to help drivers be more eco-conscious through an onboard computerized system that provides personalized feedback to help educate drivers about their C02 emissions. They’re calling it the EcoDrive system, and developed in conjunction with Fiat and their Blue & Me system, it collects data on a vehicle’s efficiency which can be downloaded from a dashboard socket to the PC via a USB key.
As the automaker points out, the official fuel consumption and emission figures of cars today are obtained using professional drivers on a test bench under optimum conditions with fixed levels of temperature, pressure, and humidity. That’s also on a predefined driving cycle with air conditioning, radio, lights, and other devices switched off. That ensures the results are comparable between vehicles, but not too shockingly the real world is very different. Real emissions levels depend on a host of variables including whether the car is driven in a rural or urban setting, fluctuating external conditions, and general condition of the car.

And that’s not to mention the driver’s style certainly makes a difference as well.

This system enables the driver to determine the amount of C02 emitted for each trip, and will also analyze their personal driving style, ultimately making recommendations on how to make it more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. Which sounds like green in more ways than one to me!

via:: Times Online

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