Michele Bachmann: Abolish the EPA (Video)

Okay, so you might have seen this floating around already, but in case you didn't, it's worth getting a sense for how the GOP candidates feel about the EPA. Above, Michele Bachmann, presumed presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep, outlines her plan to dismantle the nefarious clean air and water-protecting Environmental Protection Agency. And everyone else nods along emphatically ...

Conservatives hate on the EPA because it slaps their corporate donors with rules and fines -- those fines, of course, result from those corporations endangering the American public with pollution emissions and discharging toxic chemical into drinking water and stuff like that.

Thankfully, the majority of Americans understand that the EPA provides a service no corporation can (or will), and that due largely to its "job-killing" regulations, our cities and waterways are immensely cleaner than they were before it was founded 40 years ago. It's kind of hard to paint as the boogeyman the organization that successfully kept rivers free enough from pollution so they stopped catching on fire.

That's also why the conservative crusade against the EPA is a losing battle -- sure, it excites the far-right libertarian Tea Party wing who are keen to let corporations rule the world. But don't forget that the Tea Partiers still constitute a small minority of voters (though they get an incommensurate amount of airtime on cable news), and that there are plenty of conservatives and Republicans who are just as suspicious of corporations as they are of the government.

So after the Tea Party pander-fest that is the GOP primaries subsides, expect such calls for abolishing the EPA to wane -- few people may be thrilled about the government bureaucracy that works to protect our air and water, but most sensible people understand why we need it.

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