Mexico Struggles to Deal with E-Waste


Mexico's National Institute of Ecology, or INE, recently released a study entitled "Diagnostic on the generation of electronic waste in Mexico" by the Interdisciplinary Center for Research and Studies on Environment and Development (CIIEMAD).

The study estimated that between 150,000 and 180,000 tons of electronic waste were generated in 2006, including laptop and desktop computers, recorders, fixed-line telephones, cellular telephones and televisions. Those products contain flame retardants and other toxics that can leach into the environment and affect human health.

According to the INE, there is no formal infrastructure in Mexico to manage these wastes. Greenpeace Mexico has called on the manufacturers in Mexico to assume responsibility for the full life-cycle of their products, by reclaiming used products and manufacturing cleaner and safer products.

"At the very least, companies should inform consumers about what they can do with electronic waste," said Luis Alberto GarcĂ­a, director of Environmental Recycling, a company involved with recycling of electronics.:: Via El Universal (Spanish link)

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