Mexico City Mandates Biodegradable Plastic Bags

siezed pot bags photo

Mexican pot wrapped in plastic - seized from submarine off Oaxaca state in southern Mexico.
Image credit:Welt Online.

CNN Newswire is reporting that Mexico City has passed an ordinance to "outlaw businesses from giving out thin plastic bags that are not biodegradable. The law affects all stores, production facilities and service providers within the Federal District, which encompasses the city limits." Clever strategy, not to try to "ban" the bag, as that only creates an opening for industry to declare unfair treatment, instead requiring a switch to the more expensive, bio-degradable material.

No doubt, drug traffickers will continue to use as many non-degradable, waterproof bags (as pictured) for wrapping contraband and corpses as they wish. Mexico supplies the drugs, and the USA can supply the non-biodegradable bags (some things never change).Related posts.
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