Mexican Government Cites Ecological Dangers of Border Wall

The wall the U.S. government is building on the border with Mexico could cause floods, the disappearance of 11 animal species with the interruption of their migration routes, and the fragmentation of flora and fauna populations, according to a new study by the Mexican Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat. The study, entitled "A Barrier to Our Shared Environment: The Border Wall between Mexico and the United States" was released Friday in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and was conducted by 56 Mexican and U.S. experts.

Mexico's top environmental official, Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, noted that the wall, built to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering US territory, is an environmental threat to the region's deserts, mountains, rivers, swamps and marches, whose biodiversity is very rich.

"We must bear in mind that biodiversity does not belong to the Mexicans or the Americans, because it belongs to the entire world," Elvira Quesada noted.

The report's authors have suggested that the U.S. government look for alternatives to the wall, including less intrusive fencing materials that allow better drainage and the passage of animals. They also recommended that the government use smaller machines and vehicles in the construction process to reduce environmental impact.
:: Via La Jornada (Spanish link)

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