Meet KTAO, The Nation's Largest Solar Powered Radio Station


You don't have to live in Taos, NM to listen to KTAO (aka K-TAOS) , the largest solar powered radio station in the USA. You can stream it online, guilt-free from anywhere in the world, because K-TAOS magically turns sunbeams into audio streams.

How? Read further...140 photovoltaic panels provide the energy needed to transmit auditory delight 40 miles in all directions through radio waves, and to the rest of Planet Earth through the internet. The sunny, dry climate in New Mexico is optimal for the highly efficient, and virtually maintenance-free solar array, producing a staggering 100,000 watts!

For those of you who make thoughtful, conscious decisions about where you get your food, clothing, etc, you can now add radio stations to your ethical consumerism list. For even if your receiver is completely off-grid, you can normally assume that the source of transmission is coal powered.

K-TAOS is not new. They have been broadcasting using solar power since solar power was just a baby, back in 1991!

K-TAOS also hosts an annual solar powered music festival, appropriately named, the Taos Solar Music Festival, now in it's tenth year.

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