Meditation Flash Mob Sits in Middle of Mall on "Black Friday" (Video)

Black Friday Meditation Flash Mob Toronto Eaton Centre Selena Flood/Video screen capture

Maybe you've decided to observe Buy Nothing Day or Reoccupy Main Street or Small Business Saturday, rather than the full-tilt consumer madness that is the hallmark of the American "Black Friday." After all, it is a day where hordes of people line up early in the morning before stores open to take advantage of deep retailer discounts -- sometimes with deadly consequences.

But here, north of the border -- where Black Friday barely registers -- a flash mob in a downtown Toronto shopping center had other ideas: instead of buying, they meditated for half an hour.

The impromptu gathering -- organized via social media and handheld devices in various areas all over the mall -- drew sizable crowds, with the pictured one happening right in front of Sears.

Check out video; there is some collective "om"-ing at around 45 minutes in, which I know might not be for the New Age-phobic, but even so, it's neat to see the flashmob technique applied in such a way.

Perhaps, with some luck, we'll see more of these meditation flashmobs in other palaces of wanton consumerism.

More images over on Black Friday Mediation Flash Mob at Toronto Eaton Centre's Facebook page.

Meditation Flash Mob Sits in Middle of Mall on "Black Friday" (Video)
A surprise gathering organized over the Internet gathers to meditate in a mall on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

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