McMansion Treehouse: Gigantic Two-story Kids Playhouse Spells the Death of the Small Footprint

That icon of American childhood, the treehouse, has succumbed to the McMansion
phenomenon. The place of refuge that you may remember as little more than a haphazardly mounted platform or a rag rug thrown over a branch formed the character of many a youngster. In an era where we bemoan that kids go myopic from not playing outside and build kids mega-rec-rooms, does a Treehouse McMansion count as good news? The Treehouse McMansion has electricity but no running water. Dad and treehouse architect John Peterson says: "I had to draw the line somewhere." His youngster proudly demonstrates the new abode, boasting: "We can sleep evewywhere!"

With the devastation due to flooding of Wisconsin's tourist attractions on the heels of this year's unusually severe weather, perhaps Wisconsin needs another draw to boost the economy. I'd like to see the lemonade stand those kids' operate!

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