McDonald's New Green Built Restaurant with EV Charging

McDonalds electric vehicle charging point image

Image credit: Novacharge and Mcdonalds
McDonald's Opens New "Green" Restaurant with Electric Vehicle Charging
"I'll take a Big Mac and a full charge to go" - that may be the new refrain at a Cary, NC restaurant that is offering charging points for electric vehicles, among other green features.

McDonald's doesn't tend to get too much love from TreeHuggers - the McDonald's contribution to Earth Hour was underwhelming to say the least, and given the potential for vegetarianism to fight climate change, Ronald and co are hardly at the top of the list for companies changing the world for the better. Yet efforts are underway to make changes - and when added up together, they start to feel like they rise above the level of complete greenwash (although I am sure many commenters will disagree).We've seen, for example, UK McDonald's switching to 100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, we've seen moves to avoid soy from deforested rainforests, and McDonald's was also nominated as a sustainable seafood champion. Of course, none of that is to say that cheap meat-based fast food, served in disposable containers, often at restaurants only accessible by car is anywhere close to sustainable - but we've got to get from where we are to where we've got to go, and we've got to give credit where credit is due.

The latest effort from the chain is a 'Green Built' McDonald's restaurant that will feature charging points for electric vehicles. In a move that echoes similar efforts to support electric cars by McDonald's in Sweden, the chain is working with charging point installer Novacharge. The company hopes that these will become part of a wider infrastructure for zero emission vehicles. Here's more from Novacharge's press release:

The ChargePoint Network enabled charging stations provide:
• A secure, safe, reliable way for consumers to charge their electric vehicles anywhere
they work and play.
• The ability for EV drivers to find, and navigate to, available open stations.
• Secure, authorized access charging, while eliminating energy theft and cord theft.
• An infrastructure that enables rapid growth of the market for plug-in electric vehicles
of all types.
• Administrative monitoring and control services to allow utilities to optimize grid use.

Sadly the press release doesn't feature much information about additional green features of the restaurant - but we'll dig around to see if we can find out more (an expanded vegetarian/vegan menu would be nice!). As it's in my neck of the woods I may try and swing by for some photographs too - though I'm unlikely to have a Big Mac while I'm there...

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