McDonalds Agrees To Pesticide Hazard Reduction Program: Working With Potato Growers, Worldwide

huge potato field photo

A HUGE field of potato plants... Image credit:Flickr, Acksaw, excerpted.

Investor Environmental Health Network reports that "Responding to shareholder concerns, McDonald’s Corporation has agreed to formally survey and promote best practices in pesticide use reduction within its American potato supply chain." What makes this agreement unique is that the sharehold resolution that drove it forward was filed by Bard College Endowment, Newground Social Investment, and the AFL-CIO Reserve Fund. The SEC file of this development, including the agreement between McDonald’s and shareholders, is a down-loadable pdf file available from the SEC website here.

What makes this agreement both unique and important is that it leverages the supply chain. Because McDonalds is the USA's largest buyer of potatoes, a good outcome here will propagate to other growers supplying other customers. The potential impact is global. See the highlighted (circled) excerpt from the agreement, below. It's the whole potato.


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