McCain: Why Can't We Be Like France?


Photo taken just before the invasion of Iraq

Hide those freedom fries, mon fréres Glenn Beck and John McCain almost switched into French in their admiration of the République française's love of nuclear power. McCain said to Beck "les Français sont en mesure de générer 80% de leur électricité avec l'énergie nucléaire. Il n'y a pas de raison pourquoi l'Amérique ne devrait pas." which we translate as "the French are able to generate 80% of their electricity with nuclear power. There’s no reason why America shouldn’t."

Except that the US is a bit bigger than France, and already generates more power from nukes than the French do. According to Joe Romm, to generate the same percentage as France, the US would have to build between 300 and 600 nuclear plants, depending on how you deal with existing plants needing retirement or growth in electricity demand.

Oh, and Joe calculates that it will cost some four trillion dollars, and would need seven Yucca Mountain sized waste disposal sites. And that there are serious problems in the supply chain. Whether you love or hate nuclear power, there is no way that we can build enough of it fast enough to make much of a difference. ::Climate Progress