McCain Blows Hot Air on Tire Inflation

We really really really don't want to call the presumptive Republican candidate an idiot, we really really want to maintain a pretense of being fair and balanced, of us reporting and you deciding. But it is sooo hard when McCain says things like this. Admittedly he is talking to a biker rally, and preaching to the motorhead crowd, but it is too much. He is also not telling the truth about what Obama has said, and is completely wrong about the effectiveness of proper tire inflation.

He says "My opponent doesn't want to drill. He doesn't want nuclear power. He wants you to inflate your tires." But you really have to watch it.In fact, according to the Auto Alliance of BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Mazda, Mercedez Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Toyota, and Volkswagen,

• The Department of Energy estimates that 1.2 billion gallons of fuel were wasted in 2005 as a result of driving on under-inflated tires.

• Fuel efficiency is reduced by 1% for every 3 PSI that tires are under-inflated.

• Proper tire inflation can save the equivalent of about 1 tank of gas per year.

• Proper tire inflation also reduces CO2 emissions.

• Experts estimate that 25% of automobiles are running on tires with lower than recommended pressure, because people don't know how to check their tires or don't realize that tires naturally lose air over time. via ::Think Progress
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