Mazda Updates Its Global Environmental Charter

Mazda's environmental policy - they call it their Global Environmental Charter - has been updated for the first time since its creation 13 years ago in 1992. The company has already reached the ISO 14001 environmental certification in all its worldwide production plants, and it has asked its suppliers to do the same (95% had at the end of fiscal 2004). Their next steps are outlined in their new Environmental Charter. It contains one main environmental principle, three basic policies and five guidelines for action. It all sounds pretty good, if a bit vague, but of course the devil is in the details and implementation is everything.Their first guideline has a certain aroma of hybrid technology. It reads: "We are committed to the challenge of creating clean technologies, including those facilitating cleaner exhaust emissions, a reduction in CO2, the development of clean-energy vehicles and alternative energy vehicles."

They are apparently already sharing Ford's hybrid technology for their 2006 or 2007 Tribute SUV (which will get the Ford Escape Hybrid's tech), and since we heard talks from Ford about a hybrid Fusion, it wouldn't be surprising to see a hybrid Mazda 6 since both cars share the same platform. Down the line, we might even see a hybrid Mazda 3, which shares platform with the European Ford Focus and Volvo S40, especially if Toyota starts pumping out new hybrid models (we recently covered that), putting pressure on other automakers.

::Mazda Global Environmental Charter, via ::Green Car Congress