Mayor of London Proposes Changes to London's Congestion Charge

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Making Motorists Pay for Externalities
The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced some proposed changes to the city's congestion pricing scheme that would take effect next year. The two main things are an automated payment system that would make it easier to pay, and the removal of the Western Extension of the Congestion Zone.
The proposed changes, subject to the necessary "consultations on the Mayor's Transport Strategy", are the following:

  • Removal of the Western Extension of the Congestion Charging zone
  • Introduction of automated payment account system, provisionally entitled CC Auto Pay
  • Increase of the daily charge to £9 for CC Auto Pay customers
  • Increase of the daily charge to £10 for customers who do not take up CC Auto Pay and continue to pay through existing payment channels
  • Removal of the £1 fleet discount so that fleet operators will pay the same per vehicle as customers using CC Auto Pay

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