Matt Simmons: Peak Oil Will Dwarf Financial Crunch Soon

Oil Banker Warns of Energy Crisis
James Howard Kunstler is not the only one who sees parallels between the current financial crisis and a coming energy crisis. Matt Simmons, head of the oil investment bank Simmons and Company, has long been a prophet of peak oil, silencing the Fast Money team with his dire warnings to move to the country and grow your own food. And he's busy stirring things up again, warning in a conversation with Peak Moment TV that gasoline reserves are so low in the US that if everyone topped up their tank we would see "a run on the bank", literally running dry — running out of food within 5 to 7 days! So, what are the solutions?
"Have you ever heard that great term, 'could have done, would have done, should have done?' There are a lot of great things we should have done but didn't, and now we're out of time. So we have to hunker down and hope that we get the refineries up quicker than seems likely, we get electricity back up. But what's happening is the artery that supplies all this stuff has been maimed. What we're doing is using up our last useable supplies — and that's what the news was about all weekend — Atlanta out of gas, Nasheville out of gas, Tallahassee out of gas "

Fortunately it's not all doom and gloom. Simmons does point out, as most of us TreeHuggers know, that we currently waste fuel at a stunning rate. As Simmons argues, if you take a 40mpg car and put it in heavy traffic, it will still only get 3 or 4mpg. So ultimately our only option, says Simmons, is to beat a fast retreat from over consumption, start working from home, grow our own food, and rethink our entire system. Given the relative silence on such an important issue from our elected leaders and presidential candidates, and given the fact that drilling for oil is not the answer, Transition Towns are looking pretty good right now

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