Massive New Wind Project Moves The Ball In California


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Although it may be in some trouble, California's aggressive goal of attaining 33 percent of its energy from clean renewable energy by 2020 is still on track--for now at least. In fact, wind energy in the state got a shot in the arm today when Terra-Gen Power LLC announced that it has secured $1.2 billion of financing to build four wind farms northwest of Los Angeles. All told, the complex could generate as much as 3,000 megawatts of electricity. Terra-Gen CEO Jim Pagano says that the project will create 5,000 new jobs and that the project would be operational by the middle of next year. About 1,500 megawatts have already been sold to utility Southern California Edison, one of California's three big utilities that must meet the 33% goal.

The turbines will be made by a Danish company but built in Colorado.

In a just world, the project would be evidence to California voters that renewable energy technologies are already here, are ready for mass deployment, and that they create jobs. Both Republicans running for statewide office have used global warming and energy independence as a way to scare voters.

Meg Whitman, who is running for governor, has vowed to undo legislation to curb California's climate change emissions. The Republican's candidate for Senate, Carly Fiorina, has mocked her opponent for being concerned about climate change, including in this famous political ad.

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