Massive Global Easter Egg Hunt Canceled Due to Environmental Concerns

In a twist that would make even the Easter Bunny turn a happy shade of green, artist Jeffrey Scott Holland has finally come to his senses and canceled his massive global Easter egg hunt that had been originally planned for this coming spring. And that means he won't be hiding another 10,000 plastic Easter eggs out there in the world for someone to "find" with a piece of his original artwork inside. But the fact that the previous two egg hunts left tens of thousands of these unrecovered plastic eggs out there somewhere in America doesn't exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside either...Because that's what happens when a guy gets a crazy idea and runs with it long before figuring out what the effects might be. Now, Holland admits that "The majority of the eggs in Project Egg don't actually get found, and my concern is that the eggs could end up washed into storm drains and ultimately wind up in the ocean. I cannot, in good conscience, be a party to that."

So we'll forgive him, but it still leaves a whole lot of Easter Eggs out there from 2006 and 2007 to be found... As he reported on his website, just 57 of the eggs hidden in cities across America during the 2006 event were located and registered.

Maybe his next artistic "masterpiece" could be to convince folks to go out, find the rest, and recycle them into something new?

via:: Project Egg