Massive Change

"Now that we can do anything, what can we do?" That's the question behind the logic of Massive Change: The Future of Global Design, a cultural movement and the brainchild of Bruce Mau, global designer extraordinaire, and the Institute Without Boundaries. So far, the movement includes a recently published book ($21), a museum exhibit that opened earlier this month, a radio show, and public events with which its creators intend to change the world, starting with the way we think about design, community, and wealth. By exploring shifts in paradigms in manufacturing, transportation, urbanism, the military, health, living, energy, markets, materials, image, and information—so pretty much everything under the sun--Massive Change, with its massive optimism, intends to fix things proper.

Massive Change's mission statement is that "design has placed us at the beginning of an unprecedented period of human possibility where all economies and ecologies are becoming totally global, relational, and interconnected."

Considering the ideas--and ideals--of the endless production cycle and our current materials revolution--polymer science, biomimetics, nanotechnology, high-tech composite engineering—Massive Change extends the thought that we, the human race, with the help of really cool and smart designers, can effect well, massive change. We can absorb new ideas of wealth and well-being, ones that consider the welfare of the entire human race and the entire planet. Massive Change is a story about distributed problem solving, global cooperation, generosity, openness, and connectedness. Sounds like something you might be into. ::Massive Change