Mass Customization: Mix Your Own Breakfast at [me]

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A while back I admired MyMuesli, a german company where you mix up your own blend of cereal online and they ship it to you. I suggested that it was an example kind of technology that could dramatically reduce waste and save a great deal of energy.

Mass customization could mean less waste, as products are made to order rather than in the big lots that come with mass production. No more shelves of jeans to cover all sizes, or parking lots full of unsold cars waiting to be discounted. Or having to add fruit to my muesli.

Now it has come to America with [me]&gogi;, who "collect the healthiest foods from around the world and you fuse them in combinations that satisfy your unique tastes and nutritional needs right down to the last chia seed."

I love the way it recalculates the nutrition facts as you add ingredients.


Saabira Chaudhuri at Fast Company tried it out, and wonders:

Customized organic cereal is a novel idea, but one has to wonder whether it will take off. For one thing, there's the cost – my customized 600 gram canister cost $11.50 minus the shipping and the optional green tag that allows me to offset my carbon footprint. Throw in shipping and the optional green tag and before you know it you're up to about $15, a price tag most would balk at, particularly in this economy.

I am not so sure; I pay six bucks for 325 grams of the organic granola I buy now, and this package is 600 grams for $10.80 before shipping to Canada, which admittedly takes it up to $18.00. It is a small business now- "big, energy-sucking machines do not mix your cereal. your cereal is hand-mixed in individual batches by carl, alexander and adam...and occasionally adam's mom. " but it is sort of the Dell model of computer sales-don't build it until someone orders it-applied to food. I hope that like Dell, it drives the price down as it becomes more popular. [me]&gogi; via Fast Company

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Mass Customization: Mix Your Own Breakfast at [me]

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