Marriott to Expand 'Green' Hotels by 1000%

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It looks like Marriott's green hotel trial program has been a resounding success--so much so, that over the next five years, the company plans on expanding its green hotel initiative by 1,000 percent. A new green design will now be embraced on over 450 upcoming hotels--and the plan will save the company $100,000 dollars on each hotel, cut water and energy consumption by 25%, and shave 6 months off the required design time.

As of last May, Marriott only had 30 'green' hotels, according to Environmental Leader. The massive jump to nearly 500 hotels designed for energy efficiency and resource conservation is nearly unprecedented in the hotel industry.

These improvements aren't being made to bolster Marriott's PR portfolio--the savings in time and money are vital to the recession-hit company. To start, the initiative is being applied to each of Marriott's 160 international Courtyard brand hotels. The first 'green' Courtyard hotel will open next summer--it'll be called Settler's Ridge, in Pittsburgh, PA.


Many new Marriott hotels will feature green roofs, like this one Victoria, BC

For each hotel, Marriott expects to save at least $100,000 in construction expenses, and major savings are expected on energy expenditures as well. The design will ensure that each of the hotels are "pre-certified" for LEED, the strict American green building code. What's more, is any additional expenses Marriott invests in greening the hotels, it expects to recoup in a mere two years.

In addition to green design and LEED accreditation, the program includes improving indoor air quality, providing guests with better access to public transportation, in-room recycling, and more efficient lighting systems.


The Marriot Hawaii has high quality indoor air, and allergy-free guest rooms

And the company isn't planning on stopping with the 160 Courtyard hotels--the program will then be expanded to include Marriott's other brands, including Fairfield Inn, Residence Inn, SpringHill Suites and TownePlace Suites. Between each of those brands, there are 290 hotels currently under development.

Which means the net impact of the green hotel plan is fairly impressive. Along with conserving a sizable amount of resources, 450 (massive) new hotels being built built green sends a powerful message to the industry: building green can be cheaper, more efficient, and just as effective.

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