Maple Leaf Reforestation Company

Think locally, act globally...hey. This Canada-based maker of commercial greenhouses, Maple Leaf Reforestation, has started construction of a 2 & 1/2 acre model for the Chinese government to help initiate a massive reforestation project in Inner Mongolia. Meanwhile, back at the stratosphere ranch, soil particles from Mongolian dust storms have regularly traveled all the way across the Pacific Ocean, falling out with precipitation along the Western coast of North America, home of the Maple Leaf Reforestation company. Some details and hypothetical analysis after the fold.CALGARY, July 18 /CNW/ - Maple Leaf Reforestation Inc. ("Maple Leaf")... reports in its press release that "Construction will start immediately on the initial 2-1/2 acre greenhouse. It is anticipated that construction will be "fast tracked" because of the larger than normal number of Canadian construction crew members and the employment of many local Chinese labourers. Maple Leaf will be in a position to move forward with growing seedlings inside the facility upon final completion of construction of the 2-1/2 acre greenhouse".

"Maple Leaf's primary mission is to provide top quality nursery seedlings and services for reforestation, which will help to correct the environmental concern of "desertification" in China. Maple Leaf has a 75% interest in a joint venture contract with the County of Liang Chang, Inner Mongolia, China (which holds the remaining 25% interest) to ultimately deliver 500 million seedlings per year for 50 years".

Two and a half acres is a little over 10,000 square meters of warehouse space. The contract, if expressed over this space only, would require a seedling yield of approximately 50,000/m2/year. From this, and as indicated in the release, it is plain that more greenhouses will be needed.

Considering that a full grown tree will cover, by spread of crown and roots, roughly 25 square meters of land surface (a guess), by the conract numbers cited, each year of this greenhouse's operation should allow reforestation of 1.25 X 10*10 square meters of land. That's roughly 5,000 square miles per year of reforestation, assuming zero seedling mortality. Inner Mongolia is nearly half-million square miles, and formerly held Chiina's second largest area of forest land. Now we can see why a 50 year contract and additional greenhouses are needed. TreeHuggers will wonder what kind of trees we're talking about here. Not all the same kind hopefully.