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Yoga mats may seem like a dime a dozen these days, and even more so with all of the eco-friendly mats out there. We're not saying eco mats are a bad thing, we're just offering another way to make your yoga mat sustainable - offer a lifetime guarantee to pump new life into an old, dead yoga mat. That is exactly what Manduka offers with their new line of yoga mats. The BlackMatPRO and the PROLite mats, both part of the PRO line, are now both offered with lifetime guarantees, but the mats are made from a polyester/PVC blend. Production of the PROline is emission free, but PVC is a toxic product. While this product is made to last forever and offered with a lifetime guarantee, meaning you won't have to continually replace it and use more resources, and guaranteed that no emissions were released during manufacture, and that the PVC in the blend is a very small amount, does that make PVC okay? The mats are also latex free.

Manduka also makes biodegradable yoga mats with their eKO line, made from 100% natural, non-Amazon tree rubber. Zippers, mat scrims and packing are all made from recycled materials. All yoga mat bags and yoga straps are made from unbleached cotton and their yoga blocks are made from cork. Manduka also offers clothing and yoga accessories. :Manduka
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