Making Climate Change an Issue in the UK Elections

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The UK elections are on May 6 and it's been an exciting campaign, with the Brit's having their first-ever series of debates on t.v. and the unexpected surge in popularity of a third party. No party, except the Greens, has a great position on the environment.

But one coalition, 'Ask the Climate Question', is trying to raise the question where ever they can. It is a non-partisan effort in that they are not trying to get supporters to vote for any particular candidate or party (maybe they should??). Rather, 'Ask the Climate Question' is encouraging everyone to ask candidates and party workers how their party would tackle the issue.

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Image from Ask the Climate Question

Ask the Climate Question is a coalition made up of WWF-UK, RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), Christian Aid, Oxfam, Tearfund, Greenpeace, Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, Green Alliance and others. The group is calling on party leaders to make bold commitments to action on climate change before the election. They want to make sure that it is a central concern of all political parties and candidates.

The main question to be put to all candidates is: If elected, what will your party do to stop climate change? And : Will you ask your party leader to make a public statement on their party's commitments to climate action?

They have interviewed all three leaders of the main political parties and have their video statements and have also organized meetings across the country and urged people to email candidates.

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Another interesting initiative, also non-partisan, is the Election Project. An official election artist, Simon Roberts, has been commissioned by the House of Commons to produce a series of artworks that respond to the 2010 UK General Election.

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Not only has he been travelling around the country photographing the campaign, he has asked the public to submit photo's that capture the essence of the election as well.

He wants people to contribute to "an archive of photographs that capture the richness and complexity of Britain's political landscape in 2010."

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