Make Your Own Air Conditioner, Part 2

Air conditioning is a very hot topic at the moment (see Treehugger). With temperatures hitting 30 degrees outside and even hotter in buses and tubes, it is just the right time for the revival of the fan. Automated by hand, quiet, compact and energy efficient, it is the perfect,environmentally-correct cooler. Forget about those annoying battery-powered little thingies; if you dig deep enough into your cupboard you are sure to find one from your aunt's trip to Spain twenty years ago. Folding fans originated in Japan and China; brought to Europe by merchant traders. The Victorians loved them and even developed a "fan" language to be used in courtship. A fan in the right hand, in front of the face means "follow me". In the left hand, it means "I am desirous of your acquaintance". Need we say more in praise of the simple fan. Via :: Guardian