Make a Neil Young Video, Singing the Praises of Dual Fuel Guru: Johnny Magic

Neil Young Johnny Magic photo

We observed last month that Neil Young is out and about promoting his new album, Fork in the Road.

But here is lovely twist. He's inviting fans to enter a contest to make a better music video than his own, to accompany the song, 'Johnny Magic.' This particular tune is a homage to Johnathon Goodwin, the so-called Motorhead Messiah, who worked with Neil Young on the LincVolt project. This was converting a 2.5 ton Lincoln Continental Mark IV into a biodiesel/electric hybrid vehicle, that now gets 100 miles to the gallon.'Johnny Magic' is the same guy who managed to get other behemoths to perform similar tricks, as we reported here on the Biofuel Hummer. So if you want to support the efforts of a mechanical visionary, a music legend as they strive for more efficient personal transport, then start making your video. The final date for Johnny Magic video submissions is 15 May 2009. You'll get to work with lyrics like: "She burst from the garage in a blaze of silence" and "Now she goes long range on domestic green fuel / 100 miles per gallon is the Continental Rule."

Johnathon Goodwin, whose company is SAE Energy, has said, "Everybody should be driving a plug-in vehicle right now." We hope more creative minds just like his are at work on the car problem. Though, we trust that equal innovation is also being applied to improving public transport and bicycles. One can but dream.

::Neil Young's Fork in The Road, via Eco Auto Ninja

Photo credits: Eco Auto Ninja and LincVolt

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