Majority of Republicans Want GOP to Work With Dems on Clean Energy Reform

GOP dems clean energy

Looks like Republicans feel quite differently about health care and clean energy reform--a recent poll from the Washington Post has found that while most Republicans are against their representatives on the Hill working with Democrats on health care reform by huge margins, they're actually in favor of the GOP forging bipartisan support for clean energy reform. The difference between the two findings is actually pretty stunning--Climate Progress reports:

A new WashPost poll finds that GOP-leaning voters support bipartisan action on energy. Whereas such voters oppose Congressional Republicans working with Democrats on health care by 77 to 23 , they support working with Democrats on energy 49 to 46. This is consistent with all recent polling
Here's the breakdown of the results:


This is far from the first time that clean energy reform has been found to have broad bipartisan support--previous polls have shown as well that Republicans across America are keen on reducing reliance on foreign oil and developing more clean energy and green jobs at home. There's seems to be a growing green Republican movement. Which is likely why GOP senator Lindsay Graham has reached across the aisle with the recently Republican-leaning Independent senator Joe Lieberman to craft clean energy legislation.

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