Majority of DVD Packaging To Use 20% Less Plastic

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Got to love that double bottom line: by reducing the packaging weight of its DVDs by 20%, Warner Home Video--the undisputed king of worldwide DVD distribution--is going to slash carbon emissions by an impressive 31%. And it's going to save a load of money in the process.According to the New York Times, the company is responding to sagging sales by cutting down on plastic used in packaging, and lightening its carbon load simultaneously.

Lightening the load on the environment was the primary motivator, says Warner, which said the effort will reduce its home entertainment division’s carbon emissions by 31 percent. But flimsier is also less expensive, and at a time when DVD sales are down sharply — 20 to 30 percent for some categories — every little cost saving helps. The changess save money on raw materials and shipping, although Warner would not estimate how much.

Other companies are cutting down on packaging, too: Disney and Sony both have simliar iniatives to make their DVDs lighter and less carbon intensive.

Which is good news--as of now, each DVD that's packaged up emits an entire ton of carbon. 'Bout time to lighten that load.

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