Majora Carter Wins Sustainablity Award

The National Building Museum will honor Sustainable South Bronx founder Majora Carter with its "Visionaries in Sustainability" Award. Carter was selected because she is is one of many who have "significantly improved the built environment through a commitment to sustainability."Sustainable South Bronx is a community organization "dedicated to environmental justice through innovative, economically sustainable projects and has worked tirelessly in pursuit of resources and ideas to move under-performing communities into healthy and productive economic condition."

According to the Museum's press release:

The award also recognizes Carter's achievements in launching and successfully implementing the Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training program: a green-collar job training and placement system that helps alleviate poverty and improve environmental outcomes. Building on her work in the Bronx, where Carter has been instrumental in creating riverfront parks, building green roofs, and working to remove poorly planned highways in favor of positive economic development, Carter now advocates improving the quality of life in environmentally challenged communities throughout the world. She established the Majora Carter Group, LLC in 2008 to help clients solve economic and environmental problems simultaneously.

On June 4, the National Building Museum will recognize several Visionaries in Sustainability for their leadership, commitment, and achievements in green building and design, workforce development, and business practices during the annual Honor Award gala. The Honor Award was established by the Museum in 1986 to salute those who have significantly improved the built environment. Majora Carter joins U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and S. Richard Fedrizzi; and Mayor Richard M. Daley and the City of Chicago as a 2009 Visionaries in Sustainability Honor Award recipient. USGBC receives the honor for their unparalleled leadership in sustainable building practices and their demonstration of the environmental, social, and economic value of green building; the City of Chicago is being recognized for its historic commitment to planning a vibrant and healthy city and its progressive investment in design and architecture to promote economic development and growth.

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