Major Utility Contradicts GOP Talking Points On EPA's Proposed Air Emission Standards

Limerick Generating Station photo

Exelon's Limerick Generating Station: a nuclear energy plant located in southeastern Pennsylvania. Imager credit:Exelon

This is one of those rare news events where you can't beat the public record for clarity and depth. An Exelon spokesperson was quoted at length about the electric power sector's overall ability to comply with EPA's proposed Mercury and Air Toxics Rule and final Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, as they apply to coal-fired power generators in every state. I quote from the press release as was published by Seeking Alpha:

"The rules have been in the works for about a decade, and the electric utility industry is well-positioned to respond, with more than 60% of coal-fired power plants already equipped with pollution controls," said Joseph Dominguez , senior vice president of federal regulatory affairs, public policy and communications for Exelon. "Those companies that have done little or nothing to improve or update antiquated, inefficient plants should start planning for compliance now, instead of lobbying for categorical extensions or legislative delays."
And here's the money quote.
"Exelon's experience demonstrates that there are existing mechanisms that would allow the health and economic benefits of the rules to take effect as quickly as possible, as opposed to a blanket compliance extension that would unnecessarily prolong the public's exposure to dangerous pollution," said Dominguez. "Implementation of the rule also provides the regulatory certainty utilities need to make substantial capital investments in modernizing the nation's electric system, which will create jobs."
Couldn't say it any better, especially that closing phrase.

Can't wait to hear how Texas' Governor and recently-announced Presidential candidate, Rick Perry, parries that assertion if asked during the next GOP primary debate. Probably he'll use the same scare mongering approach as when EPA said they would yank Texas' "flexible" permitting program authority.

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I live in sight of the Limerick power plant and have in recent years come to think of it as a good neighbor that helps me keep my carbon footprint small.

Exelon addresses climate change in a forthright progressive manner:

Global climate change presents an enormous challenge. Addressing it successfully will require nothing less than a profound transformation of the world's energy systems. Our goals are to capitalize on our environmental leadership and low-carbon generation, and promote market-driven solutions to support America's transition to a low-carbon economy.
Jeez they talk like enlightened people (get it...enlightenment??). Now, I like Exelon even more.

Cracks in the political reactor.
According to a 2002 story published in the San Francisco Gate, "Exelon, its executives and its political action committee, gave the Republican Party a total of $564,661 in the two years before the 2000 election."

So you have to ask yourself, what is it made Exelon stand on the side of peer reviewed science and technology and logic? And, how can we best encourage the rest of the Fortune 500 listed utilities to step out into the light of day?