Maine's Climate Quantum Leap: Using International Carbon Markets To Fund Weatherization Projects

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Georges' Restaurant, Waterville ME. Image

Creative leaps like this one from the State of Maine are what we need more of. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative which Maine participates in has already generated more than $20 million. Where are the opportunities for more returns? As reported in the Bangor Daily News, MaineHousing, the state's affordable housing agency, has developed a plan to make more money "from Maine's aggressive weatherization efforts, using the growing international "carbon market" to help fund additional energy efficiency projects."

It's fair to ask why in Maine, which has truly butt-freezing temps for months at a time, people need further impetus to better insulate homes and businesses. 'Because they do,' is the short answer. The long answer having something to do with out of sight, out of mind, lack of capital, and being habit bound. Here are the numbers:...Maine's weatherization program is estimated to be saving 2 tons of carbon per household, per year; and, the target market includes 477,000 single-family homes. Here's the background release if you want more details.