Madagascar! to Open at Bronx Zoo in Green, Refurbished Lion House

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If you’ve never had the opportunity to see a dancing member of Coquerel’s Sifaka then you’re in for a treat at the Bronx Zoo’s new exhibition Madagascar!, which opens this Thursday, June 19th in the completely refurbished Beaux Arts Lion House.

And while the zoo itself is making strides in a greener direction with additions like eco-friendly restrooms, the Lion House is set to reopen in true green fashion with this exhibit, expecting to be NYC’s first landmark LEED certified building.

And the exhibit itself is expected to bring the movie of the same name to life for visitors who can get a rare peek at some of the incredible living things that are a part of the island. With lemurs, huge Nile crocodiles, red fodys, vasa parrots, tenrecs, fossa (a rare
cat-like creature,) and over 100,000 hissing cockroaches getting ready to make their debut.

Of course taking a look means reconsidering some of their daily actions as well which could lead to a more sustainable future for all of us.

Who knows, perhaps a trip to check it out fits in with your vacation plans this summer?

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Madagascar! to Open at Bronx Zoo in Green, Refurbished Lion House

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