Luna Leopold dead at 90: the Master of Rivers


We were captivated by the picture in the New York Times Obit and decided he deserved the TreeHugger version. Hug a tree (or cry a river) in memory of Luna Leopold, son of seminal environmentalist Aldo Leopold.In his own illustrious career he "was the first to turn a scientific eye on rivers and streams and draw conclusions about their form and evolution. Long before fractals became an everyday word, he realized the similarity between large- and small-scale characteristics of streams."..."In 1969, he practically invented the Environmental Impact Statement through its design and early application to problems such as the proposed Trans-Alaska Pipeline and Everglades Jetport," wrote Thomas Dunne, a colleague of Leopold's who is a professor of environmental science and management and of earth science at UC Santa Barbara. "It can be fairly said that Luna Leopold has changed the way this society approaches environmental problems and conducts environmental science in the service of people and the natural environment." ::UCBerkeley News